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Wanene is equipped with top of the line video production facilities. Wanene studio works with the 8K RED digital cinema camera to bring the best quality to Music videos TVC and films. Wanene also owns a huge green, and multi-color stage for video and film productions. Wanene's video department is headed by the award winning film maker and director; Ash Mswaki  and Ram Ally K. We will help you from pre-production, to post-production working hand in hand to produce highest desired quality to meet your needs.

Comfy TVC (Directors Cut)
Mapanch BmB - Gere  (Official Music Video)
Jukwaa La Jamii S1E05: KIPLASTA - Kijana anaefurahi kula nyama ya panya.
Wanene Tv Live sessions Presents: Jah9 | Note To Self Unplugged |
Chin Bees - Kababaye (Official Music Video)
Madawa ya kulevya na jamii - Just For Today Live Session

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