Sarthak Tale perceived Sound Engineering and the Recording Arts under the guidance of Mr. Daman Sood, a legendary sound recording engineer.



With experience as a sound designer and re-recording mixer, Sarthak has been extensively involved in the post-production of sound for Indian films, commercials and media alike. He has worked with leading sound designers & directors in the Indian Movie Industry as a re-recording engineer and post production mixer.

His skills have been applied in many productions through post-production companies like Quality Cine Labs Pvt. Ltd, Filmlab India and Futureworks Media Pvt. Ltd. Some of his work include Love Shagun, Sanaam Re, Ranjhanaa, Zapatlela 2, That Day After Everyday, the Berlin Film Festival nominated documentary, “Belly of The Tantras”.


With additional experience in theatre and music, Sarthak has worked on various projects as the head of the audio department at Wanene Entertainment as he leads a team of producers and engineers to a wider spectrum within the industry, working with artists such as Chin Bees, Young Killer, Sauti Sol, Oda Paccy and Mandela.


Chin Bees - pepeta
Siti & The Band - Fusing The Roots
Young Killer - Shots
Chin Bees - Ladha Album
Sauti Sol - Short N Sweet
Chin Bees- Kababaye